“Falling Leaves”

It was cold on a winter night

Rain is pouring and so is my spite

The water fell from my eyes

Like the rain, fresh from the skies

Winter is long and every night the wolf howls

Maybe it cries but maybe it growls

For sure I am not the only one

Who notices the moon without the sun

When will my vast eyes see

The next autumn or fall maybe

When the leaves look ephemeral

And the sunlight is eternal

(photo not mine., ctto)


“Horrors Down the Street”

Where am I gonna find

the courage to speak out loud, in a room full of judgmental mouths

where the only form of art they speak about

are the ones they criticize with their sharp tongues

Where women’s bodies became battlegrounds

and only girls are fighting for their freedom

while men in suits are the ones who puts us in cages

wanting to know our whereabouts

Not being able to feel safe whether we walk down the street

at 3am or 3pm, terrified

When even I should feel safest at my house, feel frightened

of a knock, while shaking on the inside.

(photo not mine., ctto)


I can recall the way your lips moved

As I asked you what happened that night at 11:52

How many of this has my head approved

A mountain of lies when I’m feeling blue

It was a stormy night on mentality street

The winds in my head are up for destruction

My feet are frigid against the sheets

A complete and utter obliteration

(gif not mine.,ctto)

“Clamorous Night”

When my hands felt the grasp of itself

in the blanket I once slept on at night in september

the dreary feeling of having you for myself

came rushing back and I remember

The way your hands intertwined with mine

before winter could pass along

I felt mournful about the wasted time

and the day your presence felt so wrong

These thoughts clamour my woeful mind

as if having you in my life was a crime

that left me in a jail cell alone with unease

weeping alone on winter’s cold breeze

(photo not mine., ctto)


I asked a witch

to forecast my future

and not to snitch

about the matter



Today I woke

at 3 in the morning

A cloud of smoke

Like something burning



The prophecy goes like this:



You will find a guy

That shows you love

On days and nights

And clouds above



But he will too

break your heart

so through and through

you’ll fall apart


-I have never experienced anything less than that since then.

(photo not mine.,ctto)


Moral Deprivation

Don’t slither into my present and come hastening into my life again. I’ve lost my battle with you, against you and I opposed myself.

My existence was disappearing little by little.

But what vanished was the person that I was.

A faultless being that became a depraved predator.


When all kept on weeping, from sorrow brought to heart. An apathetic design crafted as a star. That girl was phlegmatic, in sorrow distribution. She knows not many people, but touched the heart of one.